Cultivation, origin and use of grain legume cultivars in Poland

Cultivation, origin and use of grain legume cultivars in Poland– Janusz Prusiński


The contribution of legumes to the structure of EU’s and Poland’s total growing area is substantial. In recent years, due to the pursuit to use domestic protein raw materials, growing interest in the production of pulse crops has been observed, especially in countries with limited soybean cultivation. A necessary condition for further growth of the area sown to grain legumes and domestic production of plant protein is the appearance on the market of new cultivars with stable yields. Only in the case of 3 species – soybean, narrow-leaved lupin and pea, an increase in the number of cultivars, including foreign ones, has been noticed over the last 5 years. The contribution of Polish cultivars to the Community Catalogue is significant only in the case of yellow and narrow-leaved lupins, and only symbolic for soybeans. Fewer than half of the registered grain legume cultivars are recommended for cultivation in individual voivodeships, and in 2019, less than 22% of the total grain legume crop area in Poland was sown with certified seed.

Keywords: pulse crops, cultivation and origin of cultivars, use of certified seed