8. Analysis of variation and interdependence of…

8. Analysis of variation and interdependence of phenotypic traits in infl orescence
mutants of lucerne (Medicago sativa L. sl.)  –  Dorota Weigt, Jan Bocianowski, Zbigniew Broda,  Agnieszka Tomkowiak

Abstract. The paper presents the analysis of single- and multi-dimensional collection of sixteen genetic forms of lucerne (Medicago sativa L. sl.) taking into account fifteen morphological characteristics.  Material for the study consisted of mutants of lucerne infl orescence: paniculate, determinate, and elongate racemose.  In order to find relationships between the studied characteristics, correlation analysis was used. There were signifi cant correlations between many phenotypic traits. Multivariate statistical analysis was carried out: an analysis of variance with entries and years as factors, followed by canonical variate analysis. A large genetic diversity among the studied lucerne forms was found. Regression analysis revealed that in different weather conditions in the years of experiment other phenotypic features had an signifi cant impact on the mass of seeds of plants. Analysis of variance was performed taking into account the type of mutation and a statistically signifi cant effect of mutations on the values of all fi fteen characteristics was observed in the experiment. When analysing average values of individual traits for different types of mutations, it was found that the highest seed weight occurred among long-raceme mutants.

key words: lucerne, canonical variate analysis, seed yield, inflorescence mutants