1.Estimation of efficiency of functioning of…

1.Estimation of efficiency of functioning of plant products in Poland– a case study based on the potato commodityJacek Chotkowski

The paper is devoted to key problems of Polish agriculture – assessing the level of market
efficiency. In the studies, the method of comparing price trends for the years 1991–2008 was
used. The analyses which were carried out showed that the potato market can be assessed as an efficient market. The pace of price growth of potato exceeds the price growth of alternative agricultural products. The reduction of the market share of producers in retail prices is not observed in the market of fresh potatoes.
The highest economic effi ciency for producers is ensured by the production of early crop potatoes. At the same time, on the potato market there are many efficiency barriers to potatoes in terms of low ability to compete on the international market. Lower cost of
sales transactions causes a gradual growth of links with potato buyers by contract.

keywords: market, evaluation of efficiency, price trends, potato